City of Port Washington, WI

The future is here in Port.

Picture an historic town, rich with character, nestled by a harbor singing with life, on a lake so powerful it affects the weather. Find a bench. It’s wise to be sitting down while watching the water and sky change with the light and the wind. A stiff wind from the Northeast will send whitecaps crashing against the breakwater and plumes of spray thirty feet into the air. Or it can be so calm the full moon is a perfect disk, both in the sky and reflected in the water. In the morning the lake can be indigo while the sky is pale yellow and blue. By evening the clouds may be an intense orange while the water reads as silver and gold. Sometimes water and sky meld, erasing the horizon.

Now imagine watching the drama unfold while sipping coffee at your bedroom window. Maybe later you’ll walk down to the marina and make sure the boat is ready for a sail to Chicago or a run to Door County? Is today the day you catch a thirty-pound Chinook? Perhaps you will drive the thirty-minutes to your office in Milwaukee, but today you won’t cut the grass—at least not here at Harbour Lights. Here you have “lake,” not “lawn.” Snow removal? Not a problem. Parking is indoors. Need a hike or a run? Try the beaches to the north and south, and the parks hugging the harbor and the bluffs. You and the city are surrounded by recreational space. We call it “Port Washington,” our “Home Port.”

The city of Port Washington offers beaches and parks so picturesque that artists come here to paint them. Musicians sing its songs, and the well-seasoned tell tales about walking the beam as children to catch a bucket of perch. You can find those stories right next door at the Historical Society Museum or up on the hill at the old lighthouse. When the lake sleeps quietly, hike to the end of the breakwater and see a blanket of stars so vast it can make a salty sea captain weep with joy.




A Harbour Lights condominium is a life enhancing option, offering distinctive living surrounded by small town charm and daily inspiration from Lake Michigan, one of the spectacular natural wonders in the world.


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