Port Washington Weather

What’s the Port Washington, WI weather like?

The dense cluster of historic buildings we call “downtown” is surrounded to the north, south and west by sheltering hills that cup the city in its own micro climate, taking the fierce edge off of Wisconsin’s summer heat and winter’s arctic blasts. Lake Michigan acts as an energy flywheel, slowly collecting solar energy all spring and summer then gradually giving it back during the depths of winter. Even on crystal clear Wisconsin winter days, the sky above the lake is blanketed with a thick mantel of fluffy clouds, the lake giving its stored energy back to the atmosphere. It is common to see nimrods casting a line during the depths of winter. Winter and migratory birds find safe haven along our shore, and the harbor is a favorite vantage point for viewing and counting waterfowl during the Christmas Bird Count of the National Audubon Society.

Clean energy production also provides winter drama. Our natural gas-fired WE Energy Plant may operate at idle for most of the year, but when Old Man Winter comes charging down from the frozen tundra to the north, the massive stacks at the power plant send as many as four gigantic clouds of scrubbed CO2 and water vapor skyward in a wall of white. Here in Port Washington, the days of coal, coal dust, particulate matter, and noxious smoke have been relegated to the dustbin of history.


A Harbour Lights condominium is a life enhancing option, offering distinctive living surrounded by small town charm and daily inspiration from Lake Michigan, one of the spectacular natural wonders in the world.


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